Королевское шоу Гии Эрадзе
«Пять Континентов»

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Официальный сайт Королевского шоу Гии Эрадзе Пять Континентов

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Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, 3 October 1978, and in 1989 began the creative activity in Tbilisi circus, successfully combined education in the school with circus-studio. Then he has worked at the Georgian National team in the attraction «Intercosmos», under the guidance of A. Peradze. In 2000 he graduated from the State College of circus art named Sh. Milorava, Tbilisi.

Possessing remarkable organizational and analytical skills and a high level of culture, being talented and highbrow man, in 1997 George Эрадзе creates his own attraction «Fauna Life». Since 1998 this team started touring in Russia, working with eminent producers as Poluyan G., Bulavskiy V., Shahkulov A. In 1999, in union with producer Gordienko, Gia Eradze created new collective «Five Continents» which tour is the constant sold-out shows across the country, as well as Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

In 2006, Gia Eradze was employed to the Ekaterinburg circus and began touring with the People's artist of Russia Marchevskiy A. Since April 14, 2007 Gia Eradze are working in the Russian State Circus Company and March 1, 2008 he was appointed the Director of the collective «Circus show «Five Continents».

Гия Эрадзе Гия Эрадзе

«Five continents» - qualified, professional, properly engaged team, one of the most colourful circus programs of the day, a great theatrical performance, combining all genres of circus art and the most contemporaneous technology in the show-industry.

Gia Eradze is the author and producer of the whole show, as well as the mail artist, animal trainer, and developer costumes. In the summer 2010 the band successfully completed the tour in Japan with the attraction «The Wild Jungle World: lions and tigers».

Not stopping there, talented leader tirelessly works, creating new rooms, images, opens new names. Repeatedly awarded with diplomas, prizes by the Ministry of culture, monuments protection and sports of Georgia, letters of thanks from Department of culture, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Udmurt Republic and almost all big cities of the Russian Federation, was awarded the title of Honored worker of circus art of Georgia, awarded with the national award of Ukraine and others.

In 2010 Gia Eradze received the title of Academician of the Academy of Circus art of the Russian Federation for special contribution to development of the circus art. Gia Eradze won the Golden award of the V world festival of circus art in Moscow on October 2, 2011. At the festival «Circus Princess» in 2011 show «Five Continents» has won 10 awards, including Gold, Silver, Bronze crowns of “Princess of the Russian circus” and the title «Show the 21st century». Annual ceremony of delivery of award for outstanding contribution to the development of the circus art "Sharivari-2012" marked the Royal show which became the winner in the nomination «the Best circus performance of the year».

At the day of workers of Culture in 2012 Director, producer of the show «Five Continents» was awarded the Order «Golden Star «Service to Art»» for merits before the state and society, many years of distinguished service to the Fatherland, high professionalism and selfless work for the benefit of Russia. February 25, 2013, by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Gia Eradze awarded by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation For the big contribution to development of the circus art, fruitful work».

The artists in the show «Five Continents» become a party to the key events in Russia, both the capital and regional centres. So, the staff of the Royal show took part in the Grand opening of the «Night of Museums» in the Pushkin Museum may 18, 2013, which was attended by Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation V. Medinsky.

Today every city of our vast country is looking forward to touring the Royal show, deservedly considered as one of the best circus collectives in the country, and, first of all, the King Gia Eradze on their arena!...